After our doctors have taken the time to sit down and review your case, we will bring you back into the office, as soon as one day later for your report of findings appointment. At this appointment, we will go over what we found, and tell you what it all means. After going over your findings, we will explain our recommended care plan. We will explain the frequency and duration we anticipate it will take to correct your problem, and also what method of adjusting we will be using to do so. We will also review the finances that will be involved. We want to make sure that there are no surprises for you along the way! We allow ample time in our schedule for this appointment to ensure that we can answer any and all questions you may have about your care here at Chernichky Family Chiropractic. At the end of this visit, we will be able to get you adjusted!

Your first visit

This is our chance to get to know you and you to know us! There are 3 key things that will take place during this appointment:
1. We will take the time to first, sit down with you and get a detailed understanding of your health history. 
2. Next, we will perform a nervous system assessment, using the Insight Subluxation Station. Depending on your age, we will perform 1, 2, or 3 scans using this equipment. Click HERE to learn more about our technology.
3. Last, we will perform any movement or orthopedic tests that we find may be necessary in order to gain a full understanding of your body's needs. 




what to wear?

Because of the scans and the movement/orthopedic tests we perform, we recommend that you wear clothing that is comfortable. The scans require you to change into a gown, provided in the office, so we recommend wearing bottoms that are separate from the top (i.e. pants, shorts, or a skirt instead of a dress).

Are the scans safe?

Short answer: YES! A great deal of our practice is made up of pregnant moms, young children, and infants. It is because of them that we have chosen this equipment that is safe for all. This scanning technology allows us to capture a great deal of information about the function of your nervous system without emitting any harmful output the way other tests might.

do I need x-rays?

Maybe! Most patients do not, but we won't know until we chat with you and have a bit of an understanding of what's going on. If we feel that it is necessary that you receive an X-ray before beginning care, we will let you know by the end of your new patient exam appointment. We do not perform X-rays in our office, so we will be able to refer you to the appropriate imaging center, should it be needed.

how long will this take?

We recommend you plan on both your new patient exam and your report of findings appointments to take around 30-45 minutes.

Why don't you adjust on the first visit?

In the same way that you wouldn't want your doctor to put a cast on a broken bone without first looking at the X-rays, we don't want to adjust you until we have the time to sit down and look over your scans. This allows us time to make the best decisions and recommendations for your care!