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Back to School means getting Back to Health!

You went on vacation and had a little fast were at the pool and didn't quite perfect that flip off the diving board...we know- and it's ok, we completely understand! Summer is a tough time to keep up with a regular schedule at all, let alone a health routine! But as school starts back up, some of these choices start to catch up with your kids and can affect their performance for the school year. 

This year, make a chiropractic check up a part of your child's routine. Assuring that the nervous system is functioning properly leads to countless benefits for your child, but many parents have reported that regular chiropractic care for their child led to better sleep, fewer sick days, improved behavior and concentration...and ultimately better grades! 

Listen to what one of our moms said about her daughter after just a few weeks of care:

"...She has improved in every class by 2 letter grades...(her) whole attitude is so much better, she is sleeping better, she is laughing and smiling and is happy in the mornings. No headaches! She is willingly doing her chores and walking the dog. My child WANTS to go do things and she isn't frowning or always in pain or needing medication to get relief...Thank you for improving the quality of my child's life!"

Give your child the start to the school year that they need! For the month of September we will be offering new patient exams for only $25!

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