These all affect so many of our kids today. And they also look very different for every child.
But what we’ve found to be a common denominator in all the children we’ve worked with who are struggling with these challenges is an imbalanced nervous system. This shift toward a mored STRESSED state within their nervous system causes them to have an inappropriate response to their environment. This response looks different for each child. For some it’s anxiety, for others it’s poor focus in school. Perhaps for your child, it shows as extreme mood swings and tantrums. We recommend all families have their children’s nervous systems checked to make sure they’re in better balance to allow for optimal function!

Ronnie’s Story

For the mom of this spunky little girl, seeing her little lady play and ENJOY her time with different textures is a HUGE deal! 
After dealing with lots of difference sensory challenges (challenges with different textures, tantrums, toe-walking, different clothing textures, and more...), momma was searching for a solution to help her daughter.
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"I came across an ad for one of Dr. Kimmie's classes on facebook earlier this year. I was at my wits end and although I was skeptical about whether or not it could help, I went to the class. I listened with an open mind and was intrigued by the information presented. It sounded like she was describing my child!!! My daughter had been to her pediatrician, an occupational therapist and a counselor in hopes to ease her (and my!) anxiety and to help with toe walking and suspected sensory issues. 
I made an appointment to bring my daughter in to Dr. Kimmie, and the rest is history.
But really, my husband and I discussed what treatment would entail and we decided to give it a try. We had no idea what else to do, to help our baby be happier in life. 
We also decided around the same time to incorporate essential oils into our daily regimen. Since then, we have celebrated little victories that may seem strange to others - walking flat footed more, putting socks on and keeping them on, tights!, and thank goodness...fewer tantrums! Anyone with experience with these issues would congratulate us on these highlights, I'm sure! 
I took our children on a month long vacation in July and I could tell shortly after we left how the break in our schedule was affecting her. When we came home, we were very happy to return to the office to get back on track. We so love Drs. Kimmie and Jake!!! They have been nothing but wonderful and understanding, never judgmental and always ready to listen and help. 
We love you guys!"

- Sunday J.

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“Dr. Kimmie is amazing. She has been treating my 15 year old daughter and myself for over a year now and our quality of life and health has significantly improved with our weekly adjustments. My daughter no longer takes medication for acid re flux, her migraines are few and far between and her knee issues are a thing of the past. When we started seeing Dr. Kimmie her school grades were barely passing and she struggled with SOL's. 1 year later she is an A/B student and a very happy young lady. Thank you Dr. Kimmie for taking such amazing care of us. We highly recommend CFC and Dr. Kimmie to every family.”
- Michelle B.

“Dr Kimmie has helped my son's sensory processing issues like a real miracle worker! She's hands down AMAZING!”
- Amanda M.