I'm Vada


And I am a chirobaby through and through!

My mom and dad knew it was important for mom to get adjusted throughout pregnancy, so they were incredibly committed to making that happen all 40 weeks! Her pregnancy was incredibly comfortable and pretty “boring”- and when it comes to a pregnancy, boring is a good thing!

At around 28 weeks, my midwife found me to be breech. It was still pretty early, but Mommy knew she had to make changes to make sure I wasn’t breeched! She did inversions, cat-cow stretches, and got adjusted often! At her next appointment, I was back to head down! It’s amazing what happens when the body is taken care of!

Fast forward to my arrival (like I said, the pregnancy was otherwise pretty boring). Mommy started having contractions throughout all of Thursday. But because she works with so many other mommies, she knew that first time labors take forever. So at this point, she has it in her mind that I still wouldn’t arrive until Sunday or Monday.

She was exactly 40 weeks at this point, and she had already mentally prepared for 42 weeks- just in case (it would be easier to be prepared for 42 then get an early surprise than to expect at 40, and end up needing to go to 42+). Anyway.
Because she was getting more regular contractions throughout the day, she told Daddy to go after work to enjoy his favorite solo activity for one last time- go to the movies. So he went for a 9PM movie.
She was seeing patients all day, but decided she would leave to go home about 1 hour early. Daddy adjusted her before she left, and sent her on her way. Of course, being the crazy mommy she was, she still stopped at Kroger on her way home to get food so she could continue to fuel herself through the birth, as well as food for the birth team that would be at our house that weekend.
When she got home, our midwife came to bring the birth tub by, just in case. Mommy was having pretty strong contractions at this time. But when asked, “How intense are they?” she wasn’t sure how to answer. She knew they were intense to her, but had never reached the finish line…so she didn’t know if they would be getting much worse or not! So she just smiled and said, “I think I’m fine for now.”


She was reminded that when she could no longer sleep between contractions and/or when her water broke, it was time to call the team.
So the night progressed on.
Daddy was at the movies, and Mommy was doing a great job working through contractions. She continued to hear the words of her midwife echo in her head: Eat, Drink, Rest, Ignore.
So she did just that. She kept on with her evening, giving herself as much sleep as possible because she wasn’t sure how much more she would get the rest of the weekend.
By around 11PM, Mommy was pretty sure things were happening for real this time. Again, it’s hard to tell when you’ve never reached the finish line. But she doesn’t like to put people out. Silly Mommy. She didn’t want to call her midwife to have her come all the way out to the house, only to be told that it would be at least another 24 hours. So she told herself if she could just wait until Daddy got home that she would let him decide whether it was time to call. Again, she was waiting for the signs of not being able to sleep between contractions -or- her water breaking.
Daddy pulled in the garage at 12:11 AM. Mommy sounded like a dying cow. Daddy tried to give her a hug, and that was NOT well-received. Why? Because she was already in transition.
[At one point, Daddy said to Mommy, “The movie was pretty good, by the way!” Daddy swears up and down that he said that because Mommy asked him how the movie was…but she didn’t.]
Then Mommy felt like she needed to poop. (Sorry if that’s TMI!) So she went to the toilet. Then a lightbulb went off. While sitting there, she realized, “Wait. This means baby is basically here.” So she reached down and felt my head! AMAZING!
Sooooo they thought it was pretty safe to say the midwife should be coming at that time. So Daddy called the midwife and, with Mommy sounding like a dying cow in the background, told her it was time.
Our midwife asked Daddy to get my out to the birthing tub if he could. So between contractions, Mommy walked out to the living room to the tub.
She got in the tub, and had one contraction, causing my head to come all the way out, about a .27 second break, and the final contraction that brought the rest of me into this world!
Bear in mind that all of this happened in the 10 minutes since Daddy got home from the movies. TEN MINUTES!
Mommy caught me herself, and then they just got to sit in awe of me and what all had just occurred.
[Within 10 minutes, the midwife and birth photographer showed up. Mommy’s pretty sure they were both speeding to get there so quickly. But just because they were so excited to see me!]
My birth is a complete testament to what chiropractic can do for a pregnancy and delivery!
Everything from having a more comfortable pregnancy and optimal fetal position to having faster delivery time, decreased pain in labor, less need for medical intervention, and just general improvement in birth outcome and satisfaction- these were all the case for Mommy’s pregnancy with me!
Within my first hour of life, I was adjusted. And I’ve been a happy, healthy baby since then!
I sleep well, breastfeeding has gone swimmingly, I’m gaining weight properly, I never spit up, I’m a CHAMP at tummy time and holding my head up, and the list of my health benefits goes on and on!
To all pregnant moms and baby buddies reading this right now, I highly recommend chiropractic early in life and also in pregnancy!
To hear more about chiropractic during pregnancy and in the early stages of life, send my mom and dad an e-mail using the button below!

Thanks for tuning in, hope to meet you soon!


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Birth photos provided by Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography.