Birth is tough. Not just on mom…but on baby too. And sometimes, that’s where it all begins.
Sometimes subluxation and tightness don’t begin until later. But misalignments in baby spines, just like in adult spines, can cause tightness, discomfort, and a decrease in range of motion. This can cause several functional issues. Some of the most common ones we see are difficulties breastfeeding and an aversion to tummy time.

Abel’s Story

“I started taking my now 7 month old son to Dr. Kimmie when he was 4 months old. He always seemed generally uncomfortable and wouldn’t let me wear him. After chiro care, he sleeps better, lets me wear him, and seems overall calmer and relaxed! I also received care because my back always hurt and I was stressed from the duties of being a new mother. I found treatment relaxing and I continue to feel the effects on my back! We are both so grateful for the Chernichkys!”
- Summer L.

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