Reflux, colic, as well as excessive spit up and gas are incredibly frustrating for parents, as well as baby. Not only that, but we find they can lead to other more serious problems down the road like poor weight gain. And nobody wants to hear that!

Chiropractors focus on the function of the nervous system. And since the nervous system controls every function in your body, including the digestive system, chiropractic care can have a huge positive impact on your child’s reflux, gas, spit up, and colic. Proper nervous system function equates to proper body functions, and isn’t that what we want for our kids?


Avery’s Story

Avery came to us like many babies: spitting up, having a very difficult time breastfeeding (to the point that mom moved to exclusively pumping), often fussy (especially when in his car seat), and hating tummy time!
After just a few short visits, mom was happy to report that he was beginning to latch better and was starting to tolerate tummy time. Then the best text we love to get came through, with mom happy to report, We just wrapped up our first ever 24 hours of exclusive breastfeeding and NO bottles!”

After 13 weeks of having to pump, then feed (not to mention wash pump parts, etc.), this was a huge relief for Avery’s mom…and for Avery, of course!


Hear what Mom has to say:
“Y’all, I didn’t even know that sending babies to the chiropractor was even a thing before a very loving and knowledgeable lactation consultant made the recommendation. Yes, we went because of positional difficulties while breastfeeding... but let me say that so many things changed for Avery once he started getting his adjustments. He started being able to tolerate the car seat way better, and then fell asleep in the car for the first time ever, and he stopped having 0 to 60 meltdowns for no apparent reason. You could tell that he just felt better and his quality of life was so increased. Now he’s a champ at tummy time, doesn’t bob his head anymore trying to hold it up, and is finally turning to the left side that used to hurt him so bad.

It’s like having a new baby. THANK YOU Dr. Kimmie for helping my sweet boy feel so much better. And getting us back to the breast! We are ready to rock this breastfeeding journey!”

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listen to what some other CFC parents have to say:

“Dr. Kimmie started treating my son when he was just a few weeks old. We chose chiropractic care because he cried a lot, seemed in pain, had horrible reflux,and screamed every time he was placed in his car seat. From the first adjustment we could see a difference he seemed so calm in his car seat leaving the clinic. After seeing him a few times a week at first he was on the up and up and just seemed so much happier. Kimmie has always made us feel so comfortable with his treatment plan,and has always been really gentle and patient with him. Luke is doing so well and is a very happy content baby now and I can not be more pleased.
After seeing how great Dr. Kimmie was with our son I started Chiropractic care with her also. Now I can run and workout pain free, have a handle on my headaches and over all I feel much better. Having Dr. Kimmie as our chiropractor has been awesome, my only regret is we didn't start sooner. I highly recommend her for your little ones or yourself, you will not be disappointed. “
- Bobbie W.

“Dr. Kimmie and Dr. Jake are both wonderful! We've been going since my youngest was about 4 weeks old for her reflux and have seen a huge improvement! Their office is inviting and my toddler loves playing in the kids room while her sister gets adjusted. They've been a great resource for any questions, breastfeeding support, and holistic living. “
- Ashley H.