life is a balancing act…

And your nervous system operates in a state of balance as well.
Your nervous system has two modes of function. One is a stressed state of function. You’ve heard this referred to as you’re fight or flight response. The other state of function is your “relaxed” response. When we are geared more toward the STRESSED response, calming our body enough to get a good night or sleep is very difficult. If your child has been struggling to sleep well, we encourage you to have your child’s nervous system assessed.

Keagan’s Story

Why is this mama bear celebrating today? 🎉
Because this little guy went from waking up around 4 times every night to sleeping THIRTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT! 
AND he had a stellar nap this afternoon! 
A wonderful turn around for this family and this kiddo after starting chiropractic care just a couple weeks ago 😍


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