Our body is beautifully and intelligently-designed. That’s the good news. The bad news is that if something goes awry, it can cause other problems as our body tries to compensate. This is certainly the case when moms experience round ligament and hip discomfort.
The uterus, an organ, is connected to your pelvis by way of a soft tissue structure called the sacrotuberous ligament. So what we find is that when the pelvis is out of alignment, it pulls unevenly on this sacrotuberous ligament. This causes an uneven pulling on the uterus, which can cause an uneven tightness of the round ligaments (which live in the front of your uterus). This can create a lot of discomfort for moms, and can lead to even bigger problems like non-optimal fetal position, intrauterine growth constraint, and more.
Furthermore, as your body grows and changes rapidly, your pelvis and hips make a LOT of changes during this time. If not in proper alignment during these changes, many moms will experience a great deal of discomfort in their pelvis and hips. But this doesn’t have to be you! We can help!

Hear what some of our patients have to say:

“Dr. Kimmie and Dr. Jake are by far the best chiropractors my little family have ever been to. I started seeing Dr. Kimmie while I was pregnant with our son. She not only helped my body as I was experiencing pain in my hips, but she was very thorough in explaining what was going on with my ligaments and with my body as it was changing. She also gave us amazing support as we entered a new stage of life and provided good resources and awesome care. They also adjusted my son at 2 weeks old. This has been very beneficial for him since he has favored one side of his neck (that effected nursing and tummy time). Not to mention, they have been very flexible with our schedules and finances. I feel so grateful for Dr. Kimmie and Dr. Jake!”
- Melissa W.

“Locals! Do you have a favorite chiro?? If not, you really should check out Chernichky Family Chiropractic - Botetourt Chiropractor. Our entire family has been going for a while and we've really seen a difference. Especially me! I've been to a chiro for the last three pregnancies because of hip issues! I used to go days of not being able to walk when pregnant! I really expected this to be the worst pregnancy of all with two babies, but I've noticed this is actually the easiest of all 5! 😮 And I can only assume it's due to our weekly visits! Not just that, but the kids love seeing ‘Miss Kimmie’ and getting their adjustments, too! I know they're going to miss seeing her for a short time when she's on baby leave!”
- Beth F.

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