As your baby grows and changes so rapidly, so does your body. And unfortunately, if everything isn’t in proper alignment as these changes happen, it can lead to a great deal of discomfort and other problems.
But here’s the reality: you do not have to be miserable in your pregnancy!
Bringing a chiropractor onto your prenatal health care team can bring a great deal of comfort and ease to you for the remainder of your pregnancy and beyond.


Hear what some of our patients have to say:

“I’ve been going to see Dr. Kimmie religiously since I was 6 weeks pregnant and can’t imagine my pregnancy without my chiropractor visits! Throughout I’ve had almost no back pain, my body has felt great, and they are always there to answer any question I may have! I can’t say enough good things about Kimmie and Jake!”
- Carly V.

“I feel like 5 stars just isn’t enough for these amazing doctors!!
To say that they have changed my life is an understatement.
When I was 8 weeks pregnant I had some type of injury to my groin/hip area but I had also had severe sciatic pains that I’ve been dealing with for YEARS that also worsened. Since I was pregnant I couldn’t take most meds so I asked around and The Chernichky’s were recommended for me.
To give you an idea of how bad my pain was I could not walk without crying and was not able to do my job, which I love. I’m a nurse! I was literally limping and miserable. I had to take some time off due to my problems. I was very nervous about my pregnancy because it was so early and my first and my job.
Within a few weeks I was walking easier and the pain was easing up. I was able to come back to work and my pregnancy was going great. They taught me certain stretches to do and better ways to take care of myself and my growing kiddo and it all worked like a charm.
Here’s the fun part! I continued to go at least twice a week and I noticed how much better I felt! I didn’t have headaches, I never had a cold (this was October-May), my TMJ never bothered me, it was awesome! I got adjusted the DAY before I went into labor on my own and I had a beautiful and non-eventful Delivery! I couldn’t be more grateful. My son was in the perfect position to grace us with his presence thanks to them! “
- Allie S.

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