Asthma and allergies are our body’s over-reaction to outside stimulus.
But why do some people “over-react” and others are perfectly fine?
We’ve found that many of our patients who come to our office with asthma and allergies have a nervous system geared more toward a “stressed” response. This stressed response gears you toward an over-reaction to all outside stimuli. When we adjust our patients and bring their nervous systems into better balance, the stressed response isn’t as heightened, allowing you to have a more appropriate response to your environment, which ideally means fewer occurrences of asthma and allergy flare-ups.

Emma’s Story

“We have and will continue to have an amazing experience. Dr. Kimmie is such a genuine caring person. She is very encouraging and thoughtful when it comes to kids health. My daughter loves her and ask for her a lot. It helped control my toddlers asthma and her back pain complaints. But for me the biggest upside is the love she shows and connections she makes with patients. You won't see other doctors that will sit and build legs with your child. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needing help in this area of expertise.”
-Beth-Ann L.

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