Your brain controls your entire body. Any third-grader can tell you that. But what we often forget is that is does so by way of your nervous system.
So when there is a miscommunication along this pathway (what we refer to as a subluxation), it can cause countless different kinds of challenges to your health.
So if general health and wellness are what you seek, we recommend chiropractic care! An intact nervous system is one which is well-equipped to combat whatever life has to throw at you!

Hear what our patients have to say:

“Dr. Kimmie is so passionate about being a chiropractor! She is very relational with my whole family and always remembers who's been up to what over the last week! It's so much more than just the adjustment (even though that's why we go of course!), the patient-doctor relationship is so important to us and Dr. Kimmie is SO good about investing in her patients lives in many ways, not just the spine 😊 We are very grateful to have her adjust myself, husband, and our baby girl!”
- Bekah Q.

“Dr. Kimmie is amazing. She has been treating my daughter & myself for a year now and our quality of life and health has significantly improved with our weekly adjustments. I highly recommend CFC & Dr. Kimmie to every family. Thank you Dr. Kimmie for taking such amazing care of us!”
- Michelle B.

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