There are a lot of puzzle pieces to anxiety and depression. We will always encourage you to be under the care of a mental health professional, but never underestimate the power that a well-balanced nervous system has over your mental health as well! A shift in the overall function of your nervous system can create for a lot of internal stress, making it difficult to regulate and adapt to external stresses (whether they be physical, chemical, or emotional stresses). Don’t let a chronic overwhelm of internal + external stress create anxiety and depression in your life. Let us help you!

Sarah’s Story

When Sarah came to us, she was seeking help with pain that was affecting walking, work…and really every aspect of life. After a few weeks of care, she noticed some other incredible changes that she hadn’t even sought out to address with us!


"When I came to the clinic, I couldn't walk. I was hobbling in severe pain. Doctors had no idea why! Drs. Jake and Kimmie were the only ones I felt who really listened to me. And now I'm walking and pain-free!"
Sarah has come a long way since we first met her! Check out some of the other great benefits she's noticed since beginning care:
⭐ Fewer headaches
⭐ Less fatigue
⭐ Can bend over and move without pain
⭐ Her depression has greatly decreased!
⭐ Lots more energy

-Sarah H.

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