They’re common, but the presence of ear infections (especially when they’re recurring) tells us there’s something NOT normal about the function of their immune system and their nervous system. With the nerves in the top of the neck controlling the drainage mechanism in the ear, it’s clear why a malfunction of this nerve controlling this process would wreak havoc on your child’s ear. We’ve gone into more detail in THIS BLOG.
Chiropractic allows that nerve to begin to function properly again, making it so the ear can properly function and drain the way it was designed to. For most kids, this means no more ear infections!


listen to what Raelyn’s mom had to say:

“Dr. Kimmie got us in quickly when we were having an ear infection emergency! She made my hesitant two year old feel at ease and had a great play area for the big kiddos waiting! The adjustment helped us avoid antibiotics and my little grouch is back to herself again! Thanks, Dr Kimmie!! “
-Beth F.

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