breastfeeding can be really tough

There. We said it.
So now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about some of the challenges that chiropractic can help you overcome and why.

During the birthing process (even an uncomplicated birth), there is a lot of stress put on baby’s body, especially in their neck. When you start to talk about birth complications like using a vacuum or forceps, C-section, really long or really short labors, and so on, this can significantly increase the stress put on baby. And as with any other stress in life, it will almost always manifest as a problem sooner or later if left untreated.

One of the most common health concerns we see in babies following birth are breastfeeding challenges. Whether they are struggling to be comfortable turning to nurse or just have overall tightness, this can greatly affect the breastfeeding relationship. These challenges lead to a lot of frustration and pain for both mom and baby.
As a chiropractor, we are able to remove the interference and stress that lies at the spinal and neurological levels that are likely causing a great majority of the problems during breastfeeding. We are happy to have worked with MANY moms who are now experiencing a much happier breastfeeding relationship now.


Logan’s Story


Logan had a great start to life, having had Mommy get adjusted throughout her pregnancy. The big set back: he was having a difficult time nursing. When it was discovered that he had lip and tongue ties, Mom knew to get them revised. After this, little man was still struggling to get back to nursing, but both he and mom were working hard. After the revision, Logan began a course of regular chiropractic care to make sure his spine and nervous system were in tip top shape to allow his body to be less tight, and completely at ease, allowing him to latch more comfortably. Listen to Mom’s words on her experience:

“(My son) got his first adjustment at ONE week old! Now, we did discover he had lip and tongue ties that was revised and I took him immediately to the Chernichky’s three times a week afterwards and I can NOT believe the transformation. I am now able to nurse him just like the good Lord intended! It’s amazing!

I can not say enough good things about them and the care they provided for our family. Dr Kimmie and Dr Jake were amazing through this ENTIRE journey and so encouraging, I knew I was in good hands. I have no idea what I would have done without them!”
- Allie S.


listen to what some of our other patients have to share:

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kimmie and Chernichky Family Chiropractic. I saw Dr. Kimmie initially because my daughter was biting while she breastfed, mostly on one side. During the first visit, Dr. Kimmie discovered that her range of motion on the side we were having issues with was very low. After a few adjustments, the issue was corrected. My two daughters and I continued to receive care from Dr. Kimmie after that and could not be happier.”
- Nikki G.