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At Chernichky Family Chiropractic, we don't guess, we test! 

Above all else, our main focus to help get you on the road to health and wellness is to ensure proper functioning of your nervous system. But unfortunately, symptoms like pain are only the tip of the iceberg and those symptoms alone are not the sole indicator of function or disfunction of your nervous system. So our goal is to see beyond just the symptoms and this is where our Subluxation Station technology comes in! 

The Subluxation Station consists of three different tests which measure how your nerves communicate with your muscles, how your nerves communicate with your organs, and how your nervous system adapts to stress. These three pieces of information give us a very vivid picture, not just of what you may be feeling or experiencing symptomatically, but also of what is going on beneath the surface, all without performing any painful or invasive procedures! That's right! These incredibly informative tests doesn't cause any discomfort whatsoever! It's so safe and gentle that these tests are performed on most infants that come into our office.  


Beyond the information provided in our Subluxation Station scans, we will be assessing your health through some other means as well. We will begin your new patient exam with a detailed history. Because the state of your health is greater than just the sum of its parts, we will be collecting a detailed timeline throughout your life, not just information about the condition you are coming in with that day. 
During this time, please tell us anything you have to share! We aren't just concerned with "on a scale of 0 to 10, how much does it hurt today?" We want a whole picture of who you are and what's going on, so don't hold anything back!

After the history, this is where our exam process starts to differ from person to person depending on your health concern. Many patients may receive range of motion testing, some orthopedic diagnostic tests, as well as us feeling your spine to see what is going on. 

While all of this may seem silly while we are doing it, trust that we will piece everything together and share all of our findings with you at your report of findings!


At Chernichky Family Chiropractic, there will be no surprises about your care. Your report of findings appointment, which will be your second visit to our office, will be when we go over everything we found from your new patient appointment. We want to make sure YOU understand what is going on with your health, so we want to make sure that you have time during this appointment to have any questions answered. 

After going over your findings, we will explain our expected treatment plan. We will explain the frequency and duration we anticipate it will take to correct your problem, and also what method of treatment we will be using to do so.

And finally, we will go over the financial obligation for care in our office. We know that one of the most frustrating pieces in health care is unanticipated cost. Luckily, we have formatted our office in a manner in which there will be no surprises to you and we will be able to present this information to you up front. 

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