Why I'm Taking a Prenatal

No, this is not a pregnancy announcement. Sorry to burst your bubble! 
(Don't worry. My pregnancy announcements are already mapped out in my head, and our CFC Family will be getting a good one when it's time!)

While I can confidently say I'm not pregnant at this time...I HAVE been taking a high quality prenatal (this one, to be exact) for a few months now! 
And maybe that seems silly. That's a lot of money to spend for supplemental nutrition for a baby that isn't even growing yet, right? I guess it depends on how you look at it!

I learned a lesson from my dad a LONG time ago, and it actually came when I started interviewing for jobs and colleges, and I'm sure you've all learned it too: "Act As If." 
Simple rule. You know: act as if you have the job, dress as if you have the job, etc., etc. Many of us conduct ourselves in this manner when it comes to our professional lives, but we forget to do it when it comes to preparing a home for baby! 

Does a mother bird wait until she has already laid the egg to begin gathering the twigs she needs to build the nest?

Heck no! So why do we humans wait until we are ALREADY pregnant to build a strong foundation of baby-growing nutrients? Of course oopsies happen, but if you have any control, try this on for size: Create a healthy body for baby, and THEN get pregnant. Most of the time though, even in planned pregnancies, we do this the other way around! We need to rethink this! Your baby's optimal health is dependent on having a solid foundation BEFORE conception.

Oh, and by the way, "act as if" applies to other pregnancy-friendly things like: GETTING ADJUSTED, regular physical activity, de-stressing (arguably the hardest one for us to commit to), etc. 

So if baby-making is anywhere on the horizon for you...start building that nest, momma!