Chiropractic: The FIRST Resort

Often, chiropractors are the unspoken LAST resort. But that's really very backwards. Let me tell you why.

So let's start by thinking about a house. You're sitting in your living room and *poof* the lights all go out at once. So now you have a few options:
1. Perhaps the light switch magically fell into the off position. So you could try flipping it on and off to see if that makes a difference. Seemingly simple solution, but unfortunately this option leads to no change.
2. You could go to the extent to change ALL the lightbulbs in the entire living room. Seems unlikely that they would all burn out at the exact same moment, but you can surely try.
3. You could also try to just open the blinds to let light in...but that's not the same and you know it.

So what now?
Well when it comes to a house, you were probably all screaming to the computer screen, "Go check the fuse box!" very shortly after reading the scenario. But we rarely do this when it comes to our health. Changing the many light bulbs, is similar to the traditional approach of addressing each individual symptom with medication(s)- many of which create other symptoms creating the need for even more medications.

As chiropractors, we ensure that the NERVOUS system is functioning at its absolute best. That's the drum we beat on a daily basis. Most people think we are spine doctors- this isn't WRONG, but it's far from the full story- it'd be like going to Starbucks and never ordering anything other than a black coffee. As chiropractors, we use the spine as an avenue to make sure the nervous system is wired and functioning at 100%! 

As a chiropractor, we address the ROOT of what's causing your health issues. Let's take headaches for example. You could address your diet. You could address your pillow. You could address your emotional stress. And do not get me wrong- these are all GREAT things, things I recommend to do, and have done myself. But without the wiring in the nervous system at 100%, NONE of these things will be able to take as much effect on your system as they would when your nervous system is functioning like it's supposed to! Again, I'm not saying to NOT do the other things- but I'm saying we need to check the wiring first!

So if your body doesn't seem to be expressing life at its fullest potential, make sure the WIRING is doing well first! This will make it possible for your light and life to shine bright!