My Symptoms Are Getting...Worse?

Woah. That's a tough reality. Because that's definitely not why you started care, right? 

But unfortunately, sometimes it happens. And as much as we hate that you're still suffering, here's the reality: this is a completely normal phase of healing
Let's take your cluttered closet, for example. After years of throwing things in there- some hung, some on the floor, things piled on top of each other...this is going to take a lot of work, right? That's why spring cleaning is such a huge commitment for most families! So now it's time to take the afternoon (or longer) to clean out that closet. What's the standard plan of attack? Take everything out, re-organize, then put everything back inAnd this is a pretty good analogy to what has to happen with your nervous system right now

So during step 1 [take everything out of the closet], can we agree that the closet and its contents generally look worse...much worse, before they ever get to a point where we could say it looks better, right? When it comes to your nervous system, this phase is referred to as NEURAL DETOX. Your nervous system has been stuck in a state of stress for, likely, such a long time that it's used to this state of stress. And while ultimately this stress will be removed, think about a nutritional detox you or someone you know may have done in the past. During the early phases of a nutritional detox, many people may get headaches, fatigue, or something along the lines of being hangry. And this is what happens with your nervous system. As it begins to detox, reorganize, and restructure to become happier and healthier, unfortunately you may begin to experience some symptoms worsen. 

But there's really good news to this seemingly awful problem: Those who go through a neural detox are often those who stand to gain the most from their care plan! 

So for all those who are experiencing some unexpected changes during care, please follow these 4 key steps:

1. Communicate openly with your chiropractor! We will listen carefully, monitor your changes, and be able to tell you whether what you're experiencing is to be expected, or if changes need to be made to your care. We will also be able to give you more tips based on what you're experiencing!

2. Stick to your care plan. The care plans are designed the way they are for a reason, and they're catered to exactly your neurological needs!

3. Give your body what it needs: lots of great nutrition, sleep, and exercise (as approved by your provider). These things will encourage healthy changes in your system, removing the negative stress and replacing it with the things it needs and wants!

4. Never give up hope. Please trust that we have given you recommendations based on exactly what you need. We will be here to support and guide you every step of the way! Also trust us when we say that your body has the ability to HEAL! (You're not doomed. We promise. No matter what WebMD says). We encourage you to push through this tough phase, because we have seen time and time again what's on the other side, and trust us when we say this: in the end, you're going to be SO pleased you did.

The path along any journey will have straight ways, but also have twists, turns, and uphill battles. We will get you to your destination, you just have to stick to the path, as difficult as it may be at times!