CFC's Newest Family Member

Hey everyone! I would like to formally introduce myself. I am Alyssa Day and am CFC’s newest
family member! You can catch me behind the front desk on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
afternoons helping the office run like a well oiled machine. I am truly blessed to get this
opportunity to transition back into the working world while still being able to spend the majority of my time with my little one. Getting to work with Dr. Kimmie and Dr. Jake is a plus too!
I began my chiropractic journey as a young child. With a family history of scoliosis, my mom
wanted to ensure the health of my and my sibling’s spines. Fast forward a few years, college
graduation, marriage, and moving to Virginia and chiropractic care found its way back into my
life when I got pregnant. I experienced mid to low back pain and I was just overall
uncomfortable….and then I met Dr. Kimmie. My discomfort improved greatly. When baby
arrived I took an 8 month break from chiropractic care…HORRIBLE idea! Postpartum healing
and breastfeeding wreaked havoc on my back and neck. I called Dr. Kimmie and scheduled an
exam and she has been improving my nervous system health ever since.
My professional background is in child development and family life. I have several years
experience working in the early childhood education, child care quality mentoring, and early
intervention fields. My true passion is ensuring that ALL children receive the best possible
experiences and care early in life when their brains and bodies grow and develop the most (0-3 years of age).
So you may be wondering what you can expect from my future blog posts. I will be writing from the perspective of a mom that works in a chiropractic office with a background in child
development and family life. My goal is for all of my posts to be geared towards children, family and home issues and how they are linked to chiropractic care and a healthy nervous system.
I am so glad I had the opportunity to introduce myself to you all and give you a little glimpse into my history and background. I look forward to sharing topics that are relevant and relatable that mean a lot to me. Comment below if you have specific blog post ideas that you would like to see. Until next time, my fellow CFC tribe members!