We're Open!

We just can't believe it! It's been a really big year for us! From Dr. Jake graduating from chiropractic school, to us getting MARRIED, to opening our dream office...what a whirlwind! We have done a lot of learning (along with stumbling along the way, which turns out to be the best way to learn), and still have lots more to go, but it's been a great journey!

For all of you who have been with Chernichky Family Chiropractic since Day 1, we love you and are so appreciative of all of your support! For those of you who are new...welcome to our family! 


Top 6 things we want you to know about our practice:

6. We love technology...along with the simplicity of chiropractic
The first thing that will happen in our office is each patient will be scanned on the Subluxation Station"We don't guess, we test." Using the Subluxation Station will give us a clear picture to how your nervous system is functioning and help to direct our care. But after the scans, the healing is as natural and non-invasive as it gets: we allow your body to heal itself. A lot of people give us lots of credit for helping get them well, but that's the tricky thing about chiropractic: all we do is make it so that your body can function the way its supposed to! Most people just don't realize how good their body is designed to feel- we are just here to help you realize your true potential!

5. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all care
We are all unique in our own special way, which means that your care here at Chernichky Family Chiropractic will be as well! A lot of times, this means that if you have a friend or family member also being adjusted by us, your visits could be completely different from theirs- or it could be very similar! Either way, please trust that we will be taking the time during each of your visits to learn what your body needs and what works best for YOU. 

4. Dr. Kimmie is obsessed with babies and pregnant bellies (and the mommies to go with them).
She's so obsessed in fact that she spent two years (simultaneously ON TOP of the already rigorous chiropractic school curriculum) in order to obtain her certification in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic. The babies bring an absolute joy to her life, but what's even more rewarding is working with the pregnant mamas to create that healthy lifestyle as early as possible! 

3. Dr. Jake LOVES golf!
They say that if you do what you love, then you'll never work a day in your life- and since Dr. Jake gets to work with golfers all day every day, he's living the good life! Dr. Jake has spent a lot of time focusing and studying the biomechanics of golfers to be able to provide each golfing patient with the exact care and attention their body needs.

2. When we say our slogan, "Where our family is always happy to see yours," we sincerely mean it! 
Dr. Jake and I truly love working together as our own little family, but what really puts the cherry on top of what we do is getting to be with you and your family every single day! Families simply function better when everyone is living life to their fullest potential, and that's why we are determined to make it possible for your whole family to be under care! 
We have both had experiences in the past where we see patients who end up "choosing" which member of the family could get care due to costs. At Chernichky Family Chiropractic, we have made it a priority to make sure that attaining (and maintaining) WHOLE family health and wellness is possible! 

1. We are really excited to share our office and our passion with you!
Give us a call or stop on in! We love the place of healing we have created and can't wait to share it- so don't be a stranger :) 

Give us a call! Comment below! Either way- we want to hear from you!
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