A Love Letter to 2016

Here it comes...2017 knocking at our door!

And as I scroll through my Facebook feed, the theme this week has been, "Adios, 2016. You've been terrible."

And while I understand there has been a great number of tragedies this year along with the loss of several societal icons...I actually have quite different feelings about 2016!

2016 could arguably be the one year of my life filled with more fond memories than any other! Let's take a quick recap of my year: 

- I started my year with a swift push out of my comfort zone and right into starting our own practice! After the initial shock of the push, I realized it was the best blessing in disguise I have ever encountered!

- Shortly after that, I received my official certification in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic, which meant that literally years of classes, certifications, and other testing were finally wrapping into one neatly titled post-doctorate credential. 

- I, along with a team of truly inspiring women in my community, started a nonprofit to educate, advocate for, and support breastfeeding families!

A perfect day in so many ways.  

A perfect day in so many ways.  

- If nothing else amazing happened in the year, this one definitely would be enough to take the cake: WE GOT MARRIED!!! I am definitely one lucky gal to have this incredible guy by my side as family and business partner!

Our Grand Opening!  

Our Grand Opening!  

- We opened our office...and are serving way more amazing families than I ever imagined we would before the end of the year! We are so in awe of our community's dedication to their health, and especially the health of their children.  

- Jake passed all the parts of National Boards and is in the process of finalizing VA licensure so he can begin to save lives with chiropractic himself!  

So not to brag, but yeah, our 2016 was absolutely out of this world!  

2016 was hands down a year of learning and personal growth. And man did I learn a lot. So what are some of my favorite lessons from 2016? I'm glad you asked! These are the top 4 things that drove me through the many changes in the year- some learned in the school of hard knocks, some learned from mentors and colleagues: 

4. It's ok to get a push. And it's also ok to take a leap. Either way it happens, you HAVE to chase your visions. Because if you don't, all it is is an imaginary dream that won't benefit you, your family, or any others who it would affect. 

3. Take the time to breathe. And don't feel bad about it. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. You can only be the best you if you are able to take care of you! 

2. Allow yourself to look in the rear view mirror (perhaps that's what I'm doing in this post for myself!). This shouldn't be done with the intention of dwelling in the past...but done so you can assess how far you've come (and allow yourself to do a little happy dance because of it!). Still in the same spot as your were last year? Don't beat yourself up! But use that acknowledgment to reflect on what's holding you back. Are you on the right road? Are your goals appropriate for you? Take the time to reflect on this.

1. Write. Your. Goals. Down. I'm serious. Pick up a pen, open a note in your phone- I don't care. Write it down! Be specific- ok just look up "SMART Goals" for some tips on how to write goals. I spent a lot of time this year with my planner writing goals down. Sure, sometimes I missed some to-do list items. But do you know how many of my big pictures goals I accomplished this year? Every. Single. One. And it's not because I'm some over-achiever. It's because I wrote them down and constantly reflected on how I could be moving closer to them with every step I took. This was the single most important lesson I have learned this year! 

So here's to 2017! I hope you can take these lessons to propel you toward your goals and even surpass them! Jake and I are so excited for what this coming year has to offer and we can't wait to share it with you! 

Peace and love from your CFC family! We are wishing you the happiest and healthiest for 2017!