The Gratitude Project: A Science to Our Madness!

If you're reading this, then you're probably already a pretty devout CFC follower, and therefore most likely have already seen (and are maybe even joining in on!) our Gratitude Project this month! If you haven't yet...what are you waiting for?! But even if you have- don't stop reading, there's more to the story!
Perhaps you're wondering why a chiropractor would care about getting their community to engage in some gratitude- other than the fact that we are human beings and gratitude is just an all-around nice feeling to have in the community. So let's take a moment to chat about it!

If you've been in the office, then you've heard us talk a lot about STRESS! And what you probably also realize when we talk about stress is that it isn't just stresses like "stuck in traffic," or "horrific co-worker," but that there are tons of other stressors in your life like pesticides in our food, a lack of exercise, excessive sitting at work, test anxiety....all kinds of other things. Chiropractors clump all stress into 3 different categories- thoughts (emotional stress), traumas (physical stress), and toxins (chemical stress). We call them the 3T's. 

These ALL affect our system! It's science, guys! Stress, in any form, has an actual physiological effect on our bodies! And when we have an excessive amount of stress in our system (which most of us do), it makes it tough for us to adapt to things in our environment and system. What happens when we can't adapt? Oh gee, where do I begin? Sensory processing disorder, weak immune system, anxiety, allergies, headaches...and on and on. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's everything we deal with in our office! So now you can see why we REALLY, GENUINELY care about these stresses in your life. Yes, the chiropractic adjustment helps your nervous system to function at its absolute best- and this makes it so that you can adapt better...but what if by a simple act of gratitude every day, we could minimize some of the stress you are experiencing? (See, I told you it would all come together!)

So what exactly does gratitude do to our lives that may affect our stress? ...Scientifically speaking, of course

1. GRATEFUL PEOPLE GET BETTER SLEEP (2009, Journal of Psychosomatic Research) 
And gee. If we could just get a good night of sleep...wouldn't that alone also fix a million other things in our life? #dominoeffect

a.k.a. As they found an increased level of gratitude, they found a DECREASED occurrence of depression. 

3. GRATEFUL PEOPLE FEEL BETTER (2009, Counselling Psychology Review)
You mean the simple act of expressing gratitude can minimize physical aches and pains? Cool!

They studied the number of interactions that married couples had on a daily basis, and noted whether they were positive or negative interactions (both verbal and non-verbal). Those with a high number of positive interactions, and a low number of negative interactions were more likely to have a successful marriage. Get this: there's an actual ratio he calculated to predict marriage success! He concluded that if you had any fewer than 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction, your marriage would be unlikely to succeed! Crazy! Good reminder not to be shy to share gratitude with your partner, huh?

I're sleeping better, you're friendlier, you network better, you take fewer sick days, you have more energy, you achieve goals better (all proven facts as a result of increased gratitude)...I would give you a promotion too! 

Oh, and by the way those are only our 5 favorite things about gratitude. The list is actually pretty extensive! 

So why do we care about gratitude? Our goal at CFC is to foster a happier, healthier community. From the science- I'd say that gratitude is a pretty great way to work to achieve that goal!

Stay grateful, my friends!
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