Every athlete wants better performance in their sport, and we should all want to perform better in our every day life. Chiropractic can help with that!

We will give you the short version: 

Our skeleton is the structure for our body that protects our vital organs and provides us a foundation. Our nerves travel through our bones to our muscles. Our muscles and tendons attach to these bones. When muscles become tight, or pull more than usual, it throws our biomechanics off balance. This affects our posture, bone structure, and most importantly biomechanics.

Every athlete should know that our body's biomechanics directly affect how well we performs in our sport. Now with Dr. Jake being a golfer, he knows that having the proper biomechanics for that sport can add around 5-7 yards to your drive! And that's JUST biomechanics! Most people don't know that a chiropractor's main focus is the body's nervous system, which travels through your bone structure to different muscles and organ systems. We adjust the bone structure to help the nervous system perform optimally, kind of like fixing a bridge between two roads. 

So, what athlete doesn't want better biomechanics and optimally functioning nerves and muscles?

The word doctor derives from the Latin word, docere, which means "to teach." So come see us and learn how to become a better athlete today!

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