Picking a new healthcare provider can be tough...
but it doesn't HAVE to be!

First, let's consider why your family might need a chiropractor even if you're not suffering from headaches and low back pain. Good news, we created a short and sweet video outlining the importance of chiropractic during pregnancy and early childhood to explain just that! 


So as a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor, what do I recommend my long-distance family and friends to look for when picking their chiropractor?

ICPA: International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 
This is the organization that trains and certifies chiropractors for pediatric and prenatal care, as well as training and certifying for Webster Technique (a highly sought-after technique for pregnant patients). 
You'll want to use the link provided below to find docs in your area. 
Key things to look for: 
1. Whether the doctor has the letters "CACCP" or "FICPA" at the end of their name. This means that they have completed all of the courses, passed the extensive exam, and have been reviewed by a panel in order to receive their certification as a Certified Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor
2. You will also want to look for the words "Webster Certified." While Webster can be used with most patients, it is especially useful in the care of pregnant patients. You can find more information about this technique HERE, but I always recommend any of my female friends and family who might ever consider having kids to find a chiropractor who uses this technique.

1. Check the ICPA Website.


If a chiropractor eats, sleeps, and breathes pediatric and family chiropractic, it should be pretty apparent to anyone who encounters them. Whether it be plastered across their website and Facebook, obvious upon walking in their door with a basket of toys or a play area, or perhaps even more subtle clues like the fact that this is the topic of study in most of their continuing education courses they take throughout the year, this is something you should always be making note of when searching for your family's chiropractor.

2. Do they have an obvious passion for working with families, especially pediatric and prenatal patients?


Unfortunately, the health care system in our country, especially in regards to our insurance system, is SO broken today. What's even worse is that in man ways, this creates so much red tape that it makes it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for many providers to offer your family the care they need and deserve.
Because of this, many chiropractors are making the switch to side-step this system and working directly with the patient in order to provide the care you need and deserve by not interacting with the insurance companies at all. What this means is that when you receive a care plan from a chiropractor who is not working with your insurance, you can rest assured, knowing that it will be  one that they are confident is what it will take to get and keep you healthy! 
An additional thing to note is that many insurance companies have limitations or complete denials (especially in the case of kids) to covering chiropractic care. Chiropractors who aren't involved with insurance companies are able to set very competitive rates, which most patients find are even better than their copay or allowable rates even when using their insurance!
Please note that I am not saying to NOT use a chiropractor who takes your insurance! I just don't want you to let this be the deciding factor on who provides care to your family, as you may be able to find someone much better suited and qualified for your family!

3. IGNORE whether they accept your insurance. 


Only 10% of your nervous system detects and informs you of pain. So if you are only focused on finding a chiropractor for pain, you're missing the majority of what we do, and missing out on all the good stuff we do! And this is the importance of what we call the Subluxation Station. This piece of equipment is the absolute most cutting edge piece of technology that gives us insight, beyond pain and even other symptoms, to tell us how your nervous system is functioning. Since we know that the nervous system controls all of the functions and organs in your body, having a properly-working nervous system is absolutely imperative to having everything else work right in your body! Do you and your family a favor and find someone who looks beyond the pain and symptoms to know exactly how your nervous system is functioning! Read more information about the Subluxation Station HERE

4. Do they use the Subluxation Station?


Chiropractors are pretty different from most doctors, and most family chiropractors form very close bonds with their patients. So it's important that you pick a chiropractor who you like as a person! Don't be afraid to try a few places out and meet different chiropractors. If one rubs you the wrong way, don't write off chiropractic entirely- just find one who works well for your family! When you're finding a health care provider for your family, it's important that you trust them and are comfortable with them, since it has a profound effect on your healing! 

5. Personality is key.

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